About Us

Welcome to the world of Jivism*

*Jivism: Jive [..] iz’um

Jivism is a form of frantic behaviour believed to result from a marked aversion to compliance and a sedatory life staring at TV. The term is used technically to refer a vigorous form of dancing characteristic of a region of South Devon.  This was developed to prevent boredom and promote heath and fitness.  The dance style of Modern Jive evolved from this form of folk therapy.

Source: The JiveJunkies Dictionary of Made-up Words (2019)

We  have suspended our activities for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis – but will be back as soon as that becomes possible. Visit our home page, and stay in touch.

We want to play the music that you want to dance to. Help us out by adding your favourites to The People’s Playlist at any time via Spotify.  All you need to contribute is a free Spotify account.  If you don’t have one sign up here.